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Engineering services

Company activity requires the structure of an engineering office. Taking advantage of this, Intelmec can also offer the classical engineering services: drawings, calculations, technical specifications and reports, manuals, etc.

Intelmec offers those services to the clients that require tailor-made machinery as well as to other companies.

Machinery directive.

Intelmec offers adaptation of machinery to the new European Machinery Directives. The first involves studying each individual case to determine if the machinery can be CE-marked without modifications or not. If not, Intelmec can modify and revamp the machinery and, finally, put the CE mark on it and issue the EC declaration of conformity.

Calculation and design of especial pipes

Intelmec offers its skills in the design and calculation of particular process ducts or piping for any kind of fluids or gases. In this field Intelmec can not only develop new installations, but also analyse installations in operation with problems in order to improve them.

Tailor-made Machinery

Commercially available machinery does not always fit the requirements of a specific industrial process. In that case, the solution comes from developing a new, tailor-made machine. This is the business area for Intelmec.


Intelmec supply of tailor-made machinery comprises design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and customer service. Therefore, the machinery would include all the mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and control elements required for it to work, installation or integration inside an established production line, start-up and after service maintenance. So, Intelmec offers ‘turnkey’ machinery projects starting from the client’s idea and requirements.


“We work together with our clients to better define their needs and details of the required machinery. We also agree with them the battery limits and guaranties.”